5 Reasons why Dadar is a great place to invest and live.

Dadar in Mumbai has long been the cultural center of Maharashtra and is one of the fastest developing suburbs. Often touted as the next Worli of Mumbai, it is a perfect blend of all the good things in life. What makes Dadar all the more lucrative is its lavish green expanses, breath taking scenic views and the famous Shivaji Park. Dadar also enjoys remarkable proximity to other important suburbs of the city via a robust network of roads and public transportation system. Here’s what makes Dadar an ideal place to dwell, invest and thrive.

  • Breathtaking View - The stunning glimpses of the Arabian Sea and a varied collection of fauna make Dadar a delightful place to be in. Perfect for those who crave to reside amidst the rich bounty of nature, this suburb effortlessly transforms into a peaceful and tranquil sanctum. A multi-sensory treat any one?
  • Shivaji Park - Any mention of Dadar is incomplete without mentioning the famous Shivaji Park. Once the cricketing turf of Sachin Tendulkar, this park is special for most Mubaikar, especially Dadarians. This ground, on a daily basis, witnesses a huge surge of nature lovers, fitness enthusiasts and college students.
  • Shivaji Park Residential zone - The Shivaji Park residential zone is considered as one of the poshest residential areas. With several well established real estate developers flocking to this area with amazing real estate projects, it is expected to become one of the highest revenue earning localities in the coming years. What’s even more interesting is that the taller buildings of this area offer an unhindered view of the magnificent Arabian Sea and Shivaji Park. However, there aren’t many promising tall residential buildings, except a lucky handful.
  • Connectivity - Dadar enjoys an enviable connectivity to all the important spots of city like BKC, Andheri, Bandra, etc. A robust network of roads and public transportation system help you commute from one location to other with utmost ease. It hosts a prominent railway terminus and an efficient network of roads .
  • World class social infrastructure - Dadar boasts of several world class hospitals, well reputed schools like Doctor Antonio Da Silva High School, retail centers like FBB_FASHION AT BIG BAZAAR, educational institutes like Sarwajanik Night High School and recreational zones. It offers a perfect work life balance, which is a rare in most developing suburbs.

Park Mist in Dadar is an address destined for greatness. Conceptualized and built by the renowned Richa Developers, it occupies the greenest corner of Shivaji Park and offers the most stunning views of the Arabian Sea. ParkMist boasts of an array of fully air-conditioned 2.5 and 3 bedroom residences. With an Arcadian ambience and an enigmatic sea view, this 54-storey high-rise towers above all things ordinary. Centrally placed, with an enviable proximity to BKC, Worli and the Airport, Park Mist has truly transformed Dadar and is a beautiful summation of all that this beautiful suburb is known for!